Buckeye Oil Equipment Co. handles your fluids safely and efficiently with
equipment, installation/service, and EPA compliance services.

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Balcrank: lube equip http://www.balcrank.com
Catlow: nozzles, swivels, breakaways http://www.catlow.com/
Cim-Tek(CIMCO): filters http://www.cim-tek.com/
Civacon: dry disconnects, camlocks http://www.civacon.com/
Clay & Bailey: tank fittings http://www.claybailey.com/
Dayco: hoses http://www.dayco.com/
DCI Marketing: service station island equip http://www.dcimarketing.com/
EBW: loading arms, swivel joints http://www.ebw.com/
EMCO Wheaton: leak detection nozzles, breakaways, swivels, tank fittings http://www.emcoretail.com/
Environ: flex piping and sumps http://www.envproduct.com/
Federal Process: thread sealant http://www.federalprocess.com/
F.E. Petro: submersible pumps http://www.fepetro.com/
GasBoy: commercial pumps, farm pumps, 12-volt pumps, drum pumps, fuel mgt systems http://www.gasboy.com/
Gorman-Rupp: bulk plant pumps, transfer pumps http://www.gormanrupp.com/
Hass Tech: vapor recovery systems http://www.hasstech.com/
Healy Systems: vapor recovery equipment http://www.healysystems.com/
Husky: nozzles, breakaway swivels http://www.husky.com/
IRPCO: hoses http://www.irpco.com/
LSI Industries: canopy lights http://www.lsi-industries.com/
National Spencer: lube equipment


OPW Engineered Systems: loading arms, swivel joints http://www.opw-es.com/
OPW Fueling Components: nozzles, valves, tank fittings http://www.opw-fc.com/
Petroleum Meter and Pump: rebuilt computers, meters, printers http://pmp-corp.com/
Pneumercator: tank gauges, overfill alarms http://www.pneumercator.com/
Red Jacket: submersible pumps http://redjacket.com/
Richards Industries: breakaways, nozzles (No Web Site At This Time)
Riverside Steel: manholes, island forms http://www.riverside-steel.com/
SMI Products: tank fittings http://www.smiproducts.com/
Tokheim: pumps http://www.tokheim.com/
Total Containment: flexible piping, sumps http://totalcontainment.com/
Triangle Micro Systems: consoles http://www.tms-nc.com/
United Signs: signage, decals http://www.unitedsign.com/
Universal Valve: tank fittings, above ground storage tanks, underground storage tanks http://www.universalvalve.com/
Vapor System Technologies Hose: hoses http://www.vsthose.com/
Veeder-Root: electronic tank gauges http://www.veeder-root.com/
Wayne: retail pumps and dispensers http://www.wayne.com
Xerxes: underground storage tanks http://www.xerxescorp.com/