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Blanchard Valley Farmers Co-Op (Previous Projects)

[Blanchard Valley Farmers Co-op Project]

Client: Blanchard Valley Farmers Co-Op
Location: Findlay, Ohio
Contact: Steve Rodman
Phone: 419-423-2611
Completed: January 1999

Buckeye Oil Equipment was contracted by this jobber to design and build a bulk fuel facility with unattended fueling. Work included engineering and design services to obtain all local and state approvals for the facility.

Project included:

  • Installing four 25,000, two 12,000, one 10,000 and one 5,000 gallon D.W. fiberglass tanks
  • two submerged pumps in each tank
  • bottom loading rack with meters and loading arms
  • one 35' x 105' and one 20' x 30' canopy
  • two Gasboy and one Petrovend Card Systems
  • fire suppression system
  • loading rack overfill system
  • electronic tank monitoring
  • 2,500' of double wall piping